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We can fit you with the perfect bike because we carry all sizes and types of bikes.

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Comfort. Safety. Our equipment is guaranteed to make your biking experience 100% stress-free.


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Rent for a few hours, an entire day, or even more and explore Tunisia at your leisure.

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We offer you the best bikes at the lowest prices!


Our Bikes

Hourly Rate


08 TND (1 hr)
12 TND (2 hr)

Hourly Rate

13 TND (1 hr)
23 TND (2 hr)

Hourly Rate

08 TND (1 hr)
12 TND (2 hr)

Hourly Rate

10 TND (1 hr)
15 TND (2 hr)

Included with every bike rental:

Bike Lock
Bike Basket/Backpack

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For bike rental & bike tours,
Visit us at:

Marsa Ville

Rue du 25 juillet 1957 - La Marsa - 2070
+216 52 251 401

Bike Tours!

All of our listed tours offer remarkable opportunities to explore the area.


To Do!

Wake up and ride at your own pace.
Let the chalk arrows lead the way.
Taste Local Culture.


Discover Historical Sites

10 Breathtaking Sites that will take you on a trip through history.

  • Baths of Antoninus
  • Acropolium of Carthage
  • Roman Villas
  • Punic Port of Carthage Byrsa
  • Roman Theaters of Carthage
  • Malaga's Cisterns

A bike ride between La Marsa and Sidi Bou Saïd

A circuit between land and sea, take a stroll through the alleys of La Marsa, ride on the cornice with your hair in the wind and discover these key places with breathtaking sea views.

Then, discover the village of Sidi Bou Saïd and drive at your own pace through a circuit combining nature walks and panoramic views of Tunis and its suburbs.

  • La Falaise
  • Essaada Park ( La Marsa)
  • Sidi Bou Saïd Park

Les Berges & Les Perles du Lac

Want a sporty ride? Opt for a more sustained pace and set off to conquer the Lac 0's cycle path.

Guided Tours

Want a moment of sharing? Think about our guided tours. A unique experience to live in a group supervised by our professional guides.


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